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Welcome to Troop 75! We are a boy-led troop from Chelmsford Massachusetts. During the school year we meet from 6:30-8:00 PM on Mondays, usually at Trinity Lutheran Church, 170 Old Westford Rd, in Chelmsford. We lead an engaging program with at least one outing every month. Visitors are always welcome.

If you are a member of the Troop you can log in via the login button to the left. Contact webmaster@chelmsford75.mytroop.us for your login information.  


Nick's Troop Vision

"Our vision for Troop 75 is to have higher attendance at troop and patrol events as well as active patrols, to have a fun program that is planned out far in advance, and to have productive POR's and more advancement within the troop."

Website - Signon Security Warning

Posted on Oct 3 2021 - 12:02pm

Some members may be seeing a Security Warning (SSL) when accessing the website.  The message DOES NOT affect the security of the website. It is just a warning message. The website is still secured with SSL certificates even though you may be getting a warning.  When you access a website, your browser encrypts the data being sent and returned using a protocol called SSL (Secure Sockets Layer). This is done to prevent eavesdropping on the information and stealing things like passwords and sensitive information.  SSL Certificates are installed on the SOAR website to accomplish this. These certificates are created through a domain verification process that ensures their validity. The whole process revolves around a chain of security starting with things called Root Certificates. To ensure security, these Root Certificates are distributed though the operating systems - Windows, Mac, Android, etc.

August Court of Honor !!

Posted on Aug 25 2021 - 6:02pm

When: Monday, August 30 from 3-8 PM
Where: Chelmsford Swim & Tennis Club, 133 Robin Hill Rd. 
Details:  The cost is FREE!!! .  
               There will be swimming, followed by bring or cook your own dinner – gas grills are available, and the Court of Honor!

Please sign up on the troop website so we know how many are coming.  All families and siblings are invited.

Treasure Valley - Pickup Instructions

Posted on Jul 29 2021 - 5:38pm

Pickup Instructions:

Hello parents of summer campers!
As we near the end of another exciting week at summer camp, here’s the promised information regarding departure.

Treasure Valley Photos

Posted on Jul 19 2021 - 5:17pm

A few sample photos from Treasure Valley Photos, including a Campground photo, Pavilion, Pit Toilet, Dining Tent, Beach and the ever popular Trading Post.

Summer Camp - Treasure Valley - Pictures

Posted on Jun 29 2021 - 3:14pm
Hello Scouts & Parents,
Summer camp is approaching fast, and it is good to have an idea of what to expect. The pictures below were taken at Treasure Valley, and can help you get a better feel of what a typical campsite at Treasure Valley looks like.

This is what a cot looks like:

How to sort event registration by patrol - Website Tips

Posted on Jun 24 2021 - 8:51am

Have you ever wished that you could magically sort the attendees for an event by patrol on the troop calendar? Regardless if you have this is a great tip for you. You can sort attendees for an event on the troop calendar between the following categories. Name, Date, Family, and Patrol.

To change between the sorting method you are using use the buttons that are above the registration list. Theicon will will start a download of a PDF containing the registration information for the sorting you are currently using. Theicon will open a new tab in print mode that you can use to print out a copy of who is registered for an event using the sorting that you were using. The buttons look as shown in the picture below:


Name: Name is the default sorting when you open the attendee list for an event. Scouts and Adults are sorted into attending and regrets (not attending). Within these category the Attendees are sorted into alphabetical order. This is shown in the picture below. The Scouts with whole numbers are attending scouts and the scouts with a ".5" are are the scouts who are not attending.

Date: The date sorting will sort attendees by the date that they signed up for the event (earliest on top, newest on bottom), and the scouts and adults are sorted separately. 

Family: The family sorting is the only sorting that mixes scouts and adults, and in most cases, not very useful. Unlike the other sorting's there is only one one section. The family's are sorted in alphabetical order of the scouts last name, and the parents/guardians of the scout are listed under the scouts name. The column information also consists of a Name, Date, Type, Notes structure instead of the regular Name, Date, Rank, Notes structure.

Patrol: The patrol sorting is by far the most useful sorting. This sorting will sort the Adults and Scouts separately into patrols. The scouts within the patrols are sorted in alphabetical order, and the patrols are sorted by a set patrol order set by the webmaster. The attending and not attending scouts are mixed when sorted by patrols, but the date column will mark the scout as not attending instead of showing the date they signed up for the event. The Adults are sorted by the date they signed up for the event. The picture used below is the same event as the picture used in the name section above, but sorted by patrol instead of name.

Name (Not Registered): The not registered name sorting is the most unique of all of the sorting's being the only sorting with a list of the scouts that have not registered for the event. First of all this sorting will pull up 2 sections, one for the scouts, and one for the adults. The scout section is altered a bit featuring a Name, Patrol, Rank, Notes design instead of the Name, Date, Rank, Notes column information design that appears in almost every other sorting. Although, the notes column is useless due to it being impossible to add notes without specifying your attending status.