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Welcome to Troop 75! We are a boy-led troop from Chelmsford Massachusetts. During the school year we meet from 6:30-8:00 PM on Mondays, usually at Trinity Lutheran Church, 170 Old Westford Rd, in Chelmsford. We lead an engaging program with at least one outing every month. Visitors are always welcome.

If you are a member of the Troop you can log in via the login button to the left. Contact webmaster@chelmsford75.mytroop.us for your login information.  

Website Updates Version 2!!!

Posted on Apr 29 2021 - 12:49am

The website has throttled from Version 1.5 all the way to Version 2! Though some of this is just a name the website has had a massive amount of updates and has more planned within the next few days. Here are the updates in this new version:

  • Outing History is no longer available on the troop website, if you would like to see it, it is accessible in the troop google drive in the “Troop Website” folder, then under “Archives of the Website” in a google doc
  • There is a new photo on the home page of the website
  • “Merit Badge List” Link has been removed since it doesn’t lead anywhere
  • “Rank Requirements” Link has been removed since it doesn’t lead anywhere
  • “Instructor Request Sheet” Link is no longer duplicated
  • “BSA Program Features” Link has been added to the main links page
  • “Troop equipment Sign in/out” Link has been removed since it is outdated by several years
  • “PLC” File in links has been removed due to lack of current and relevant content
  • “PLC Spring Term 2020” Link is accessible in the troop google drive under miscellaneous file archive
  • “PLC/Troop Google Drive Folder” Link is no longer duplicated and available as “Troop Google Drive” under links
  • “Program Features/Troop Meeting/Campout ideas” Link is accessible as “BSA Program Features” in links
  • “Troop google calendar” Link has been removed seeing as it a scouts current personal calendar
  • “BSA calendar resources” Link has been removed since the website it leads to doesn't exist
  • “Activity Plan -example-” Link has had minor improvements
  • “Meeting Plan” link has been renamed to “Troop Meeting Plan Template” and will soon actually lead to the template. (the template has been removed from the troop google drive, so I can not yet re-link it). The description has also been updated. (This link will automatically prompt you to make a copy once actually linked again)
  • “Program team google drive” has been removed since it is easily accessible with the “Troop Google Drive” link
  • “Activity Plan” Link now automatically prompts you to make a copy
  • Formatting has been improved throughout all of the links section
  • How to Share Pictures” File has been deleted as it is no longer relevant to how we share photos
  • Description is no longer cut off for “Eagle COH Resources” File
  • Position of Responsibility page has much better quality graphics
  • Position of Responsibility page has gotten several format updates and now offers better mobile support
  • Position of Responsibility page PORs have been updated
  • The send email page has gotten several format updates and now offers better mobile support
  • The Patrol Headquarters page has gotten image updates along with minor formatting updates
  • The Eagles page has has some format updates
  • Groups have gotten updates
  • PORs in the POR page have been updated
  • Journey to Excellence award has been updated from 2018 to 2020
  • Links in camps page have been updated
  • Planning Calendar link removed from PLC page seeing as it is a scouts current personal calendar
  • The PLC page has gotten several format updates
  • The PLC page has gotten several link updates
  • PLC Publications page has been renamed PLC Archived Publications
  • The send email page has gotten some link updates
  • The cooking page has gotten some link updates
  • The eagles page has gotten some link updates
  • The Order of the Arrow page has been redone (mostly format and content updates)
  • The PLs and APLs on the PLC have been updated
  • Spelling and grammar improved throughout the entire website
  • There have been theme changes throughout the entire website. (you may have to clear your cache to see them though)
  • The Camping Gear page has been re-done. (This includes an added summer camping list, complete winter camping list, format changes, and more)
  • The Camps page has improved links
  • PLC Archives from 2013-2015 have been removed from the PLC since they do not actually exist
  • The eagles page has better quality photos
  • The welcome message on the homepage has been updated to align with the present, apposed to pre-covid
  • Formatting through files is more consistent
  • Files has been re-organized
  • The Photo Albums page has been removed. (it may need to be brought back later due to storage restrictions, for now I have used magic to temporarily disable it) (if you need photos contact the historian)
  • Holidays have been removed from the calendar.
  • The patrol/group filter is more reliable
  • The about us page has received some content updates
  • The PORs in the troop roster have been updated

Updates to expect very soon:

  • The send email page will be getting content updates within the next few days
  • The cooking page to be redone within the next week
  • Further updates to the redone camping gear page under camping

Website tips:

When sharing a link to sign ups for everyone if you add "signup/register" at the end of the URL the link will lead directly into signups instead of having to go through the event details page.

If you hover your mouse over a link then a description of what that links purpose is will appear at your cursor. This feature is not available for mobile users.


If you find anything on the website that is incorrect, or anything you want to be added to the website please email the webmaster. For calendar events please continue using the webmaster request sheet

2021 Summer Camp: Treasure Valley !!!!

Posted on Apr 27 2021 - 11:11pm
Don't miss out on the 2021 Scout Summer Camp at Treasure Valley
Early Bird payment deadline is May 1st
  • Treasure Valley is offering a rate of $435 (cash or check) or $448 (PayPal) if your scout’s registration if paid by May 1.  
  • After May 1, the price changes to $465 (cash or check) or $479 (PayPal).  Registration can be found on April 26 on the troop calendar.  
  • Please note that Treasure Valley is not part of Spirit of Adventure Council and therefore, does not have an arrangement to honor the Adventure Card.  
  • Payments will be accepted on-line using PayPal. 
Additional information about summer camp can be found here:  Treasure Valley

Website Updates Version 1.5

Posted on Mar 28 2021 - 10:24pm

The Newest Website Update Include:

  • Holidays have been added to the calendar.
  • Major mobile problem with home page now fixed.
  • Duplicates in photo albums have been mostly deleted.
  • There will be a minor challenge available on the website from April 2nd to April 5th. Wait until then to see how to participate via an announcement on this page.

If you have any updates, or changes you think should be made to the website please email the webmaster. If you would like an event added to the calendar please use the Webmaster Request Sheet. Any requests for announcements should also be emailed to the webmaster.

Crossovers, Welcome to Troop 75!

Posted on Mar 23 2021 - 7:52pm

Welcome to Troop 75, Roman Afshar (Pack 70), Harry Sapp (Pack 70), Jacob Mulholland (Pack 45), Luke Faucher (Pack 81), and Oliver Scaffidi (Pack 81).

Swimming Merit badge

Posted on Mar 20 2021 - 12:43pm

The SWIMMING MERIT BADGE is now available at base camp. You can sign up for either April 11th or April 24th using those links. This is a great opportunity if you are going to sea base. SIGN UP NOW there is limited space, and signups fill up fast. Click here for the merit badge requirements.

Librarian and Quartermaster Needed

Posted on Mar 6 2021 - 11:06am

Have you wanted a POR but then the one you wanted is taken? Check out both of these PORs that are currently open!

Librarian: The librarian manages the troops books (mostly merit badge books) and holds them until someone needs them. This POR is much easier than all of the other PORs, and would probably better suit someone who isn't looking for something time consuming. Quartermaster: The quartermaster manages the troop gear. This includes the trailer, shed, etc. Even in though we have COVID we still need a Quartermaster. Someone has to manage the gear for the upcoming campouts. Email Nick P if you are interested in any PORs.